world-class design

we have the most famous designs of the 20th century Czechoslovak chairs

eye of an architect

detail-focused while seeing the whole: the owner of Retronaut is an interior architect

skilled hands

your chairs are restored by some of the most skilled Czech craft masters

křeslo Jan Vaněk, retronaut

Iconic chairs waiting for custom renovation

Halabala, Kozelka & Kropacek, Jirak, Vanek, Suman… Iconic chairs by top 20th century Czech designers – we have them all. Buy them as they are or have us custom restore them for you!

Chairs from Retronaut: world-class design

20th century Czechoslovak furniture design was world-class and our customers from Algarve to Singapore know it. We restore unique chairs for unique interiors!

Proud owner of an old chair?

We‘ll restore it!

Your granny’s chair or a dumpster find? The world is full of treasures. We will custom restore your beautiful old chair!

křeslo po babičce, opravíme, retronaut
halabala C stare kreslo, retronaut

No longer needed?

We'll buy it!

We’ll buy your old chair and find a loving new home for it.  

Pavla Kosova

the architect behind Retronaut

„The story of Retronaut began in 2012 next to a dumpster: A totally destroyed chair was lying in the snow. I took it home only to find out that it’s the iconic H-269 by Jindrich Halabala. Its restoration turned out fantastic. And so did all the following. During the years, Retronaut has restored hundreds of chairs and made hundreds of customers happy worldwide.”

pavla kosova, retronaut
detail křesla, retronaut

Skilled hands and beautiful fabrics

Your chair will be restored by some of the most skilled Czech craftsmen, true masters of their trades. And you will get all the support you need to design and visualize your perfect chair, and to navigate the ocean of beautiful fabrics.

krasne latky, Halabala H-269, retronaut